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Coming soon...

2011-07-17 16:54:37 by pawson01

Coming soon New animation

Coming soon...


2011-06-07 14:01:03 by pawson01

Someone wanted to do Collab?I would be happy He joined :]

Learning English

2011-05-08 06:40:55 by pawson01

hi,Instructed in English!Now you can understand me better!

Learning English


2010-12-20 08:01:44 by pawson01

You might wonder why so bad composes sentences .... because I do not know English literature ... because I am a Pole.

where can I find Sprites Madness?

jestem PL

2010-07-24 12:53:04 by pawson01

robi%u0119 aniimacje PL :)
i jestem polakiem.

jestem PL